CES 2017

Bo Lorentzen at CES 2017 checking out the new Agile Series Waterproof Racer in this video!

New SwellPro V3 Splash Drone

SwellPro Technology is the first company in the world to develop & manufacture the Splash Drone which is fully waterproof, SwellPro has more than 10 patents for this fantastic item. 

FPV Racing Hobbies is a SwellPro Factory Sales & Service Center.

V3 Auto Check out this great video

At FPV RACING HOBBIES when you buy a Swellpro drone at FPV Racing Hobbies you'll never have to worry about paying for shipping.

When you have a repair or warranty covered repair that require you to send us the drone it's on us send you a shipping label - free of charge!

Swift 2 Race Drone


Max Speed: 93 mph/150kph


Swift 2 is the first full Ready-To-Fly racing drone, well tuned, with everything you need for a race, right out of the box.

Swift 2 comes with (1) RC transmitter, (2) batteries, (2) sets OF props, a Gopro or Runcam mount and all spare parts for maintenance. Even a beginner can fly it. Using full carbon fiber frame, high quality water-resistant electronics, Swift 2 is also the most robust race drone in the world.

Swellpro FPV GOGGLE S1 - One of the best FPV goggles


S1 is an immersive FPV (First-Person-View) goggle with diverse functions in the most compact design. S1 FPV goggle is able to display, take picture and record live streaming-in video. The Head Tracker stimulates the live scenes seen by man's eyes when his head is moving, providing a high-technology impact as well as a supreme visual experience.


Immersive display S1 is an immersive video receiver and monitor that is specially designed for FPV flight without any external interference. Dual Receiver Module Integrated with 2 receiver module inside, it enhances the image stability in the omnidirectional method. 

40 Channels Receiver

The receiver module of S1 is combined with 40 channel for option, it's effective to avoid other interferential channels especially in environments with complicated radio signal. 

High Definition & Highlighting Effect S1 goggles is integrated with a display in resolution 854X480(WVGA), as well as the brightness of 350cd/㎡. It perfectly brings you every vivid moment during the FPV racing. 

Front Camera 

Equipped with front camera and a button to switch the image source agilely, allow pilot to see obstacles when he is walking with goggles on. 

Head Tracking 

The head tracker has a built-in sensor that can tilt camera along with the movement of your head, stimulate the live scene seen by mans' eyes. 

Video Recording 

A built-in with camcorder enables pilot to record the image signal from different mechanisms, such as wireless receiver, Video input, etc. It provides a really smart solution to record every amazing fight scene directly on the ground.